What is the Best Time to Visit Argentina for a Mesmerizing Vacation?

Published On December 10, 2015 | By Angelo Julians | Travel

The foremost thing to borne in mind when travelling for vacations would be to decide on the destination. The destination should comprise everything for every member of the family. Your choice of destination would make or mar your vacations experience. Therefore, choosing a destination would be the most imperative part of planning a vacation. In case, you have been contemplating on traveling to a beach holiday destination, then Argentina would be your best bet. The place offers a plethora of beaches and aquatic activities to make your vacations a success. When it comes to planning a destination for your vacations, your best bet would be Argentina.

Fun-filled activities in Argentina

Foolproof planning has been deemed imperative if there are certain activities that you would like to make the most of on your vacations to Argentina. The place would offer you warm and inviting activities such as horseback riding, sight-seeing, fishing and a plethora of activities along the Patagonia region. Moreover, the Andes Mountains would cater you with various nature-driven activities. The inclusion of heavy-duty mountaineering would be a lifetime experience for vacationers and holidaymakers. Among the plethora of scenic beaches in Argentina, Mar del Plata has been dominating the summer season. It would not be wrong to state that you would experience a gala time in Argentina.

When to visit Argentina?

Prior to planning a vacation, the foremost thing to consider would be the appropriate time to visit your desired destination. Keeping that in mind, the best time to visit Argentina would be from April to May. It would be during fall season. Horse riding and trekking activities would be readily available in the northwestern regions of Argentina. Along the northeast part of the nation, you would be able to view the striking beauty of the Iguassu Falls. It has been deemed as one of the best waterfalls across the world pertaining to its awe-inspiring grandeur. Nonetheless, in the winter season, you could view the splendid glaciers located in the southern part of the nation. Apart from the several glaciers offered by the region, the Perito Moreno Glacier has been known to offer the most amazing sites you would have come across in your life.

activities Argentina Perito MorenoGlacier

If you wish to be a part of the renowned whale watching tours, the best time would be to visit Argentina in the winter and spring season. During these times of the year, you would be able to see lots of whales, as they tend to travel near the shores of the widely famous Valdes Peninsula. During these times of the year, sea lions and seals tend to populate the region, hence attracting whales to the shores of the nation. Spring and winter seasons in Argentina begin in the month of June and would last up to November. As a result, the whales could be viewed in the beginning of August until the end of spring season. Other attractions in the winter season would be inclusive of skiing activities at the Mendoza and Patagonia area.

Valdes Peninsula

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