Unusual and Useful Ways to Plan for a Trip

Published On February 2, 2016 | By Angelo Julians | Travel

Every trip requires extensive planning, prepping, and budgeting. Many travel guides detail just how to execute these things. However, these very useful guides, books, and blog posts neglect a few major tips that could help make traveling–especially abroad–easier.

Adjust Sleep Schedule

Traveling from one country to another can create extreme jet lag. Your body is not used to the sudden shift in time. Tackle this major problem, while still local, by scheduling your time as if you already traveled to that other country. One major obstacle with this experiment is trying to shift your work and social life around this schedule. However, if you plan to spend a few days just inside your home, go ahead an attempt this experiment.

You will not completely adjust to the new time zone, but it can start your body on the process and make the transition a little easier.

Write to a Stranger

Many services out there allow you to make friends in different countries. Try a couple of All Women Stalk’s suggestions to find the pen pal site that matches your needs. . Twitter, Facebook, and travel sites’ forums also provide great opportunities to reach out to people from different countries to engage them in a friendly, informative dialect.

After you find your pen pal, ask him as many questions as possible to learn about their homeland. If you develop a safe, trusting friendship with your pen pal, plan to meet publicly once you arrive in their country.

A pen pal gives you insider knowledge and a helpful resource for when you arrive abroad.

Hit the Gym

Trips require an exhaustive amount of physical activity, especially walking. Those who do not engage in daily physical activity face issues of fatigue during the early stages of their trip. This deters some of your daily travel plans.

Make more gym visits to increase your stamina for your trip. Use Groupon’s deals ┬áto go to the gym more without eating into your travel budget. Focus your fitness regime on exercises that match the physical activity that you plan to do on the trip. If you plan to hike or climb mountains, practice by wall climbing and using the elliptical machine.

Clean House

No one wants to return home to clutter and mess. Before taking your trip, intensely reorganize your home. Clean those rooms that you have been neglecting. Also by reorganizing your home, you might find things that you can sell. Use any extra income on your trip. The freshly reorganized room will create more excitement upon returning to a home that feels brand new.

Our suggestions are not extremely important steps for planning a trip, but these things can help your mind and body adjust quicker to your new land.

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