If You Go Camping in New Zealand, Rent a Campervan for an Enjoyable Experience!

Published On March 4, 2016 | By Angelo Julians | Travel

If you have considered unique vacation ideas to get away from the old, tried and true getaway on a warm tropical island, you may have heard of people going camping in another country. It is an idea that is trending heavily in the mainstream media, and New Zealand has proven itself to be a worthy country for taking an international camping trip. Due to its gorgeous landscapes and publicly available nature areas, people should buy a parking pass and camp out in the wilderness for a couple of days. One of the most common tips that you will receive is renting out a campervan for yourself and your friends.

Rent a Campervan

Why Should I Rent a Campervan?

If you have never heard of them, a campervan is a van that has been specifically modified to include sleeping accommodations, with some models even providing the means to use the bathroom and cook your own food! Rather than have to worry about pitching a tent and staying dormant in one location for the entire trip, you can use the campervan to travel around the gorgeous landscapes and park in a different location every night. Everything that you will need with respect to basic utilities is provided in the van, and you will be able to sleep comfortably knowing that you are protected from the elements of the night. If you are worried about the cost, then you should know that campervan rental in New Zealand is very affordable for what you will have to pay for a full day’s rental. If you are travelling with friends, you can split the cost equally amongst yourselves and make the purchase even cheaper per individual!

Rent a Campervan

What Should I Look for in a Campervan?

It is important to ensure that your campervan comes with a host of features, but you want to make sure that the service you are using provides as many details as possible about the vehicle. This includes detailed specifications about the make of the car, photos of the vehicle itself, a floor plan of what the campervan’s interior looks like, and any additional features that you can have installed for an extra fee. Every person will want different things from their campervan, so you will want to make a list of things that are important to you and see if any campervan matches that written list.


It is great to have extra amenities such as showers and DVD players, but all of that takes a back seat to comprehensive insurance plans and damage coverage. In the event that an accident happens during your trip, you will definitely want insurance on your side to cover the expenses that occur because of the incident. You will want to read the terms and conditions of renting the car to confirm that you understand what you are held liable for during the entirety of the trip. If you have friends who are travelling with you, it is a good idea to have somebody else agree to be an additional driver in case you are unable to drive for whatever reason.


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