How to Plan a Group Ski Holiday

Published On January 2, 2016 | By Angelo Julians | Travel

Planning a trip for yourself or a getaway for you and a loved one is fairly simple and straightforward. Planning a group trip, however, takes a lot more time, patience, and persistence. Rather than let yourself become frustrated by the holiday planning process, follow these tips to lighten your load and to ensure that the trip is a success.

Group Ski Holidays

Share the Duties

Many group holiday planners believe that having just one person in charge of all of the arrangements is key, but we tend to disagree for two reasons:

  1. a) Having one person in charge of all of the arrangements will unfairly stress out and overburden that individual; and
  2. b) By having everyone in charge of one aspect of the trip, they are more actively involved in the trip planning process

In order for a group holiday to be a success, you need to have everyone engaged and participating. The best way to do that while also lightening your load is to appoint each person in charge of one thing. One individual can be in charge of planning the accommodations. Another may be in charge of finding the best deal on lift tickets. Another may be in charge of putting together an itinerary. Try to pair suitable tasks with each individual’s strengths if possible.

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  • Keep everyone up to date on your task progress with workflow management software. There are several different programmes available, and many of them are free of charge. This way everyone can quickly jot down what tasks he or she has completed, and all travellers can review what has been done, ask questions, and make suggestions.

Stay Together

When travelling as a large group, it is not only nice to have everyone stay together – it is essential. Having your group spread out among a number of different rooms will only make planning and coordinating more difficult, which will cost you valuable time that could otherwise be spent on the slopes.

Amazon Creek - Chamonix - Winter Snow - 06-09 February'12

The best solution to this problem is for groups of travellers to stay in luxury ski chalets. You can choose the right sized chalet to accommodate your party, and everyone will be underneath one roof. You have ultimate privacy and security, and you can continue to have a great time with one another even after the bars and clubs have closed. Best of all, a ski chalet may even end up being more affordable than a ski hotel, B&B, or another type of lodging because of the valuable services, discounts, and promotions they can make available to you.

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Go Easy on the Itinerary

You are all on the ski holiday to spend time with one another while skiing, snowboarding, and exploring new terrain. But do not expect everyone to be together one hundred percent of the time. There will likely be mandatory items on the list – such as having a celebratory dinner together on Saturday evening at seven pm – but apart from these essential get-togethers, allow people to do what they want to do while on your holiday.

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